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“The success of S5000 in its first year proved to the Motorsport Australia Board that it is worthy of this significant honour, that has a rich history dating back to 1957. “The success of S5000 in its first year proved to the Motorsport Australia Board that it is worthy of this significant honour, that has a rich history dating back to 1957. If the Product has had its serial number or dating defaced, altered or removed. ANY SYSTEM SOFTWARE (WHETHER FACTORY LOADED ON THE PRODUCT OR CONTAINED ON THE SOFTWARE DISKETTES OR CD-ROMS ENCLOSED WITH, OR ACCOMPANYING, THE PRODUCT), AND ANY UTILITY SOFTWARE, DISTRIBUTED WITH OR FOR THE PRODUCT, IS SOLD 'AS IS' AND WITHOUT WARRANTY BY CANON USA. “The success of S5000 in its first year proved to the Motorsport Australia board that it is worthy of this significant honour, that has a rich history dating back to 1957. “The Gold Star is one of the highest honours for any driver to win here in Australia, and when you look at the calibre of names that have won in the past, there is no ... “The success of S5000 in its first year proved to the Motorsport Australia board that it is worthy of this significant honour, that has a rich history dating back to 1957. “The success of S5000 in its first year proved to the Motorsport Australia board that it is worthy of this significant honour, that has a rich history dating back to 1957. “The Gold Star is one of the highest honours for any driver to win here in Australia, and when you look at the calibre of names that have won in the past, there is no ... “We are immensely proud to reinstate the Motorsport Australia Gold Star to the S5000 Championship as our premier open-wheel category,” Papadopoulos said. “The success of the S5000 Championship in its first year proved to the Motorsport Australia Board that it is worthy of this significant honour, that has a rich history dating back to 1957.

It's Samurai Day!

2020.06.07 18:23 WestSide75 It's Samurai Day!

Welcome to Samurai Day!

Author’s Note
Though Samurai Jeans produces excellent denim jackets, flannels, loopwheeled t-shirts, and many other clothing and non-clothing items, the scope of this installment of Samurai Day is limited to their jeans. In addition, I’m focusing on cuts and models that have been offered over the past 3-5 years. (I’m purposely omitting the 20th anniversary releases because there was a lot of it, and they’re picked over and essentially no longer available. If you’re interested in that, see Samurai’s 2018 catalogs.) You’ll also note that I describe some items in great detail and others in little detail. That’s most likely because I know little about the latter. Also, I’m a Samurai fan, but not an expert in the brand. If anything I’ve stated below is inaccurate or you’d like to me add something, please don’t hesitate to message me.

Samurai Jeans was founded in 1997 in Nishinomiya, Japan by Toru Nogami. He began his brand near the height of the reproduction craze, but he was (thankfully) not interested in strict Levi’s reproduction. Instead, Nogami-san immediately began pushing the limits of thread weight. His first jeans, the 15 oz S0510XX, were ridiculed by some in the industry, as that weight was essentially unheard of at the time. Ignoring the haters, Nogami built one of the most respected brands in Japanese denim and, along with the folks at Iron Heart, pioneered the field of heavyweight denim.

Samurai is known for its fast-fading, relatively rough, short-fiber heavyweight denim, though they still regularly produce jeans in the 15-17 oz range and not all of their denim is rough in texture. The brand is equally well-known for its flashy Japanese iconography. The patches of its flagship models feature depictions of the famous 1619 battle between samurai warriors Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro on the island of Miyajima (Mushashi won decisively). The samurai motif is further highlighted in the use of a silver thread in the selvedge ID, representing the blade of the samurai sword. Samurai’s jeans are “200% customized”, as Indigoshimp once said, and the buttons, rivets, and pocket bags are chock full of Japanese iconography. The flat inner portion of the rivets contain a Japanese phrase that references “the impermanence of all things” (i.e., jeans fade). The arcs of most of their jeans represent a seagull in flight, presumably reflecting the dominant avifauna of the brand’s current location, the coastal city of Osaka.

Because of this, Samurai has developed a reputation for being rather “loud.” This is true in one sense, but it’s also important to keep in mind that, of these details, only the gull arcs are visible when one wears the jeans with a belt. Samurai’s mainline jeans are vintage-inspired and, when worn, basically look like a pair of Levi’s with eccentric arcs. On the other hand, Samurai’s limited edition offerings can be much more outwardly flashy: colored wefts, colored arcs and seams, etc. Still, they’re less “out there” than many of Studio D’Artisan’s limited-edition jeans and way less crazy than some of Evisu’s painted-on jeans. Personally, I really love what Samurai does. I don’t have a drop of Japanese blood and have never even been to Japan, yet I find Samurai’s excessive, in-your-face Japanese iconography incredibly cool. It’s difficult for me to articulate why. What I can say for sure is that the more tangible aspects of their jeans – denim quality, fading properties, customization, and cuts – are among the best.


There are many, and it can get a little confusing.

S0510: The OG cut, first released in 1998. High rise and a relatively straight leg.

S0500: Released in 2006. This is said to be a slim straight cut, but it’s a little roomier than modern slim straights. Mid/high rise.

S0511: A relatively new cut, released in 2016. Mid-rise, snug top block, and more leg taper than most of their other cuts at the time.

(Note that the aforementioned S05xx designations refer to 15 oz denim. The following S5xx designations are used for 17 oz and heavier denim.)

S510: Refers to the heavier jeans in the S0510 cuts, usually in 19 or 21 oz.

S511: Refers to the heavier jeans in the S0511 cuts, typically offered in 19 oz.

S710: This is a tapered cut with a mid- or mid/high rise. It’s a little looser in the top block and thigh than the S511 cut and has slightly less taper. This is the most popular Samurai cut outside of Japan.

S711: This is a more modern slim straight cut with a low rise and relatively snug top block. Typically offered in 17 and 21 oz weights.

S712: Samurai’s literature says it’s based on the S710 cut and is a little roomier than the S511.

S713: This is a very slim tapered cut with a similar top block to the S711. For folks with skinny thighs and smaller rears.

S3000: Samurai’s WWII cut. High-ish rise, very roomy top block and thigh, with a moderate taper.

S5000: Straight leg cut with a mid/low-mid rise. This has historically been one of Samurai’s more popular cuts, especially in Asia.

S211: A relatively new “Overseas Edition” cut not available in Japan. A typical “lifter’s cut” for us bigger dudes in the Western market. High rise, spacious top block, and a strong taper.

OD+SJ Comfort Tapered: Another relatively new (2018) cut designed by and exclusively sold at Okayama Denim. It’s another lifter’s cut that shares many similarities to the S211, though the rise seems to be a little lower.

The following S00x cuts are exclusive to Samurai’s Yamato denim. (See the following section for the denim details.)

S001: Slim straight cut

S002: Regular straight cut

S003: Slim cut with a moderate taper and a low rise

S004: Released in 2019, an update of the S003 with a mid-rise, a larger thigh, and slightly more taper

Denim and Models
All of Samurai’s mainline denim is in the 15-21 oz range, while some of its limited edition denim is produced at 24 and 25 oz. Samurai jean models are referred to by the letter “S,” the cut number, and the type of denim (usually two letters). For example, the S710XX jeans refer to the XX Samurai denim (see below) in the 710 cut. (If there are two jeans in the same cut in the same “model” of denim, the weight of the heavier denim is appended to the model name. For example, the 17 oz S711 cut Zero denim is the S711VX, while the 21 oz S711 cut Zero denim is the S711VX21oz. I told you that it was a little confusing.)

The Samurai (XX) and Zero (VX) Models feature gull-shaped arcs, a Levis’s-like red back pocket tab, and a patch that features Musashi and Kojiro preparing to battle. The phase of the moon on the patch is related to the silhouette of the cut. Straight-leg cuts such as the S5000 and S0510/S510 feature a full moon. The wide-cut S3000 also features the full moon. Cuts with slightly more taper, such as the S710, feature a gibbous moon. Skinnier cuts, such as the S0511, S511, and S713, feature a crescent moon. One exception appears to be the 211 “Overseas Model,” which has a different patch design. Most of the Samurai Model jeans feature buttons with a rising sun, while the Zero Model buttons typically feature two pine trees.

The Yamato and Jin models feature exaggerated Lee-like arcs and have Lee-like rounded back pockets. The patch artwork of the Yamato, Jin, and Geisha models have different patch artwork that lack the moon/silhouette connection.

The lot numbers on the patch refers to the production year. Samurai Jeans was begun in 1997, which is Lot 0. Productions from 1998 are Lot 1, and so on. This current production year (2020) is Lot 23. New and limited production models have a unique three-digit number after the lot number. If a new or limited production model contains a red tag on the back pocket, the “A” in the printed “SAMURAI” name will also be inverted.

To my knowledge, all of Samurai’s current offerings are unsanforized (usually unwashed, but that will be changing soon) and the vast majority of the denim is right-hand twill. The lone exception is the left-hand twill Jin denim. Unlike most modern jeans, Samurai’s jeans do not use polymer (or polymer-coated) stitching. This has upset some denimheads, and I’m personally not a fan of this decision for heavyweight jeans. (That said, I have not personally had any problems with Samurai’s stitching at my desk job.) But if you want to wear Samurai jeans for construction, rock-climbing, or skateboarding, you will probably need to do repairs at some point.

Samurai Model (XX)
Somewhat confusingly, the Samurai Model consists of at least four different types of denim. The 15 oz XX denim is the Otokogi denim. The Otokogi denim is made of tightly woven, short-fiber Texas cotton. It’s reportedly rather scratchy at first, and does not shrink or stretch as much as most of Samurai’s other denim. It also fades faster than most 15 oz denim, somewhat vertically like left-hand twill denim. Some of the commonly available 15 oz XX model jeans:

The 16 oz XX denim in the Oiroke denim, which is the same as the Geisha denim (discussed later). This use of 16 oz denim in the XX model is relatively new and appears to be limited to the 211 Overseas cut. These jeans feature the pine tree buttons that are used in the VX models and have a pink and silver selvedge ID. The patch is also very different than the standard XX/VX model patch. The only jean that I know of in this current model is the S211XX (high-rise, tapered lifter’s cut).

The 19 oz XX denim is the Kiwami denim. This is a slubby, densely woven denim that stretches a good amount and has a very subtle gray hue. The Kiwami denim reportedly consists of a mixture of Texas and Australia cotton, and it’s well-known for its fast and beautiful fading. Some of the commonly available 19 oz XX model jeans:

Rounding out the XX denim is the 21 oz Cho-Kiwami denim. This denim has appreciable slub (a little less than the Kiwami), is also appreciably stretchy, and also fades rather quickly. The most noticeable difference between the Cho-Kiwami and Kiwami denim, besides their weights, is that the former has a pleasant slightly light blue hue with a classic vibe. It is also probably a mixture of Texas and Australia cottons. The most commonly available 21 oz XX model is the S510XX21oz: Cho-Kiwami denim, straight, high-rise cut.

All of the XX model jeans have a silver thread in the selvedge ID and buttons that depict a rising sun. The type of denim (Otokogi, Kiwami, Cho-Kiwami) is written on a patch on one of the pocket bags.

Zero Model (VX)
Somewhat less confusingly, the Zero Model consists of only two types of denim, each at a different weight. Oddly enough, one of these is the Cho-Kiwami denim.

The 17 oz VX denim is the Zero denim. It is perhaps the most textured denim that Samurai offers. It is a stretchy, loosely woven denim with a great deal of loom-chattery unevenness, slub, and nep. It also fades rather quickly. In that sense, it’s a very modern denim. It’s reportedly constructed of another mix of short-fibered Texas and Australia cotton. Some of the commonly available 17 oz VX model jeans:

The 21 oz VX denim is also the Cho-Kiwami denim. As far as I can tell, it’s the same as that of the 21 oz XX model jeans. Some of the commonly available 17 oz VX model jeans:

S711VX21oz – Cho-Kiwami denim, very slim top block, low-rise cut
S5000VX21oz – Cho-Kiwami denim, straight, low/mid-rise cut. Along with the S710XX, one of Samurai’s most popular heavyweight models.
S5000VX21oz “Kanreki” – Limited edition jean released in winter, 2020 to celebrate Nogami-san’s 60th birthday. The denim is the same as the standard S5000VX21oz, but the detailing is much different: red stitching, red buttons, proprietary patch, and tonal arcs.

Now that I’ve given you all of that information, Samurai is set to radically change the look of the XX and VX models beginning this fall. (See, I told you that this was going to be confusing.) Thanks to Levis’s legal department, the styles of these vintage-inspired jeans will no longer feature the red pocket tag, the arcs will either be tonal or stitched into the back pocket lining, and the brand name will be featured at the top of the back right pocket in red/pink lettering. See Samurai’s 2020 AW Catalog for details. (Warning: Large PDF file! Best to download onto a proper computer. If you’re not fluent in Japanese, copy and paste the text into Google Translate.) If you want a pair of Samurai jeans in the current vintage-inspired styling, buy them now!

Yamato Model (JP)

Yamato is the former name of the island currently known as Japan, and the details of the Yamato line reflect this. The cotton threads for the Yamato models are spun in Japan. The patches, made of Japanese Waygu cow leather, feature depictions of Japanese landscapes and seascapes. While the XX and VX model patches have a cartoonish appearance, the Yamato patch artwork is more serious and refined. The 15 oz Yamato denim is also very different than the XX and VX denim. Instead of rough, short-fiber Texas or Texas/Australia cotton, the Yamato denim is spun from a long-fiber blend of 40% Pima and 60% Egyptian cotton. It’s a throwback denim: overwhelmingly flat and silky smooth, little to no slub, and a little nep here and there. It’s also not terribly stretchy and gives slow-forming vintage fades. It’s essentially the polar opposite of the 17 oz VX denim, and it reminds me a lot of Studio D’Artisan’s SD denim. The Yamato line is also more accessorized than the XX and VX models. They feature fully lined Jacquard back pockets, silver sakura rivets (I’ve read they’re red and the coated silver is supposed to wear off), and a silver and black selvedge ID. There are five Yamato models, three of which are currently in production:

Jin Model (XJ)
The Jin denim is 17 oz in weight and is Samurai’s only left-hand twill denim. The denim is reportedly another Texas/Australia cotton blend but, unlike those used in the XX and VX models, is reportedly smooth and not terribly slubby. The weft yarn is gray, rather than the standard natural color. I’m guessing that these fade in the typical vertical pattern that most LHT denim does. They feature half-lined back pockets, a crotch rivet, and at least some (all?) have a cinch on the back waist. Samurai has not produced these for a couple of years and hopefully that changes in 2021. Some of the Jin models previously produced include:

S0100XJ – Slightly slim, low/mid rise, warp yarns are a relatively light hue of indigo.
S0110XJ – Slim straight cut, low/mid rise. Also a light indigo warp.
S0110XJ Blade Straight – Similar to the S0110XJ, but with a darker warp.

Geisha model (GA)

These are Samurai’s women’s jeans, made of the 16 oz Oiroke denim. Unlike most women’s jeans, these are not stretch denim. They feature burlap, checkered pockets, the patch features a sakura and a Geisha with a fan, and the red tab on the pocket reads, “GEISHA” instead of the standard “SAMURAI.” The model naming system is different than the men’s jeans for some reason. They are relatively difficult to find and I unfortunately don’t know much else about them. Some of the Geisha models that may be floating around out there:

Black warp (BK)
This is the 17 oz Zero denim with a black warp and natural weft. S5000BK – Slim straight cut with a low/mid rise.

Double black (NBK)

This is another rough-ish short-fiber cotton (probably a blend). Shrinks and stretches more that most of Samurai’s denim. Also fades to gray faster than most black denim.

Black warp, Kakishibu weft (BTX)
This was released in the 511 cut (S511BTX) in late 2017. The denim is 17 oz. I’m not sure if it’s going to be re-released again.

Book of Five Rings (GX)

This is a series of five 17 oz jeans of short-ish fiber cotton with colored wefts. Like most of Samurai’s fabrics, the GX denim seems to fade faster than average. This line was originally released in 2010, all in the S5000 cut. In 2019, Samurai began re-releasing them in three cuts: two S710 models, two S511 models, and one S5000 model. This collection celebrates the aforementioned Miyamoto Musashi’s book of the same title. Each of the five pairs of jeans in this collection represents one of the book’s five chapters. These are very much unlike Samurai’s more vintage-inspired models: loud weft colors, loud patches, gold selvedge ID, buttons plated with 22k gold, colorful arcs, 6 oz dyed pocket bags, and fully lined back pockets.

S710GX-T – Book of Earth, released fall, 2019. Tapered, mid/high-rise, kakishibu-dyed weft.
S511GX-M – Book of Water, released fall, 2019. Tapered, mid-rise, natural indigo-dyed weft.
S5000GX-HII – Book of Fire, released winter, 2020. Low/mid-rise, straight cut, red weft.
S710GX-K – Book of Wind, released spring, 2020. Tapered, mid/high-rise, green-dyed weft.
S511GX-S – Book of the Void, to be released late June, 2020. Tapered, mid-rise, gray weft

Samurai recently announced an upcoming sixth “book” model (epilogue?). The “Olympus Book, Musashi Model” (S634GX-II) is the updated version of the model that was originally released in 2010-ish. This is a relaxed cut of the same 17 oz denim as the other five models with a double indigo motif and possibly tonal arcs (or no arcs). It also features a cinch at the back waist and suspender buttons. The release date is November, 2020.

Samurai Cotton Project (SJC, JPC, J, etc.)

About a dozen years ago, the folks at Samurai decided that they wanted to make a line of jeans where all aspects of the jeans are made in Japan. So they purchased some land and learned how to grow cotton. After about four years, they had grown enough cotton for a projection of jeans. The first lot of these were outrageously expensive, about 1,000,000 yen (~USD 9,000). Because of this, they decided to produce a lot of “Half Japanese” jeans, where only the weft yarns were from their cotton farm. These retailed for 70,000 yen (~USD 650). Okayama Denim has recently sold some of Samurai’s “Half Japanese” jeans for US 775. Samurai is still producing some of “Full Japanese” jeans at a greatly reduced cost as well. I’m not sure how they achieved this, but Okayama Denim recently sold one of the 100% Japanese 20th anniversary models for $975. So these all appear to be legit-affordable for those of us in the bottom 99% now. The original model and some of the recent and semi-recent models include:

S000JPC – This is the 1,000,000 yen model from 2012. This is a slim fit that has the Yamato-like arcs.

S5000SJC – Low/mid-rise, straight leg cut. “Half Japanese”: 17 oz international warp threads and Japan-grown weft threads. Features a mix of gold and silver buttons and an orange pocket tab.

S511SCJ 20th Anniversary – Mid-rise, tapered cut. “Full Japanese”: 19 oz 100% Japanese-produced cotton threads with a natural indigo-dyed warp. Silver buttons and an orange pocket tab. My grail pair.

SA051J – 2020 release. Based on the slim fit of the S000JPC and has the same Yamato-style arcs. This appears to be made of 17 oz Zero denim warp yarns and Samurai’s homegrown weft yarns.

“End of the Year” jeans

At the end of each year, Samurai releases a limited edition jean that is only available at their store(s) in Japan. Details are usually on their web site. If you’re interested and are located outside of Japan, you’ll likely have to go through a Japan-based proxy service.


All of these jeans are in what’s known as the “Comfort Tapered” fit, which is proprietary to Okayama Denim. It is essentially a lifter’s cut (mid/high-rise, spacious thighs and rear, heavy taper). It appears similar to the 211 cut, though it looks like the rise is slightly lower. All of these jeans feature an array of different buttons in the fly area, the sakura rivets features on the Yamato models, and hidden back pocket arcs (the arcs are stitched into the back pocket fabric, rather than onto the surface of the pocket). The hidden arcs, most likely a work-around to fend off more Levis’s lawsuits, are incredibly cool. The arc pattern fades into the back pocket over time. I really wish that Samurai would use them on more of their models. The patches denote the collaboration by featuring two Samurai warriors crossing swords and the Okayama Denim logo (e.g., “Samurai x Okayama Denim”). There have been four collabs, three of them being denim jeans. The latter are described below.

ODSJ001 “Legacy”– Released in 2018. 15 oz Otokogi denim. Features Kasuri-dyed pocket bags and fully lined back pockets (same material as the Yamato line).

ODSJ003 “Kuro” – Released in Fall, 2019. 17 oz double black NBK denim. Features indigo-dyed sashiko pocket bags and fully lined back pockets made natural-colored Jacquard. The red stitching around the black patch looks really cool.

ODSJ004 “Wagami” – Released in Winter, 2020. This is the same natural indigo weft 17 oz denim as the “Book of Water” model. The sakura-styled rivets on this model are black and the pocket bags are Jacquard. The fully lined back pocket bags feature a “Wagara” – a traditional Japanese-inspired design.

Naturally, all three of these models are sold out. But since they’re relatively recent, you may be able to find one on Grailed or eBay.

Denimio + Samurai “Around the World”

This collaboration, exclusive to Denimio, is basically a combination of Samurai’s fabrics, cuts, and buttons that are not normally sold (e.g, 21 oz denim in the S511 cut) with pocket bags that reflect the art of different nations. They also feature the white Denimio logo tab with the three blue lines. Releases from the past couple of years include:

S511XX21OZDM “China Edition” – 21 oz Cho-kiwami denim in a tapered, mid-rise fit with gold “rising sun” buttons. The pocket bags feature traditional Chinese artwork.

S710XX15OZDM “Russia Edition” – 15 oz Yamato denim in a tapered, mid/high-rise fit with the standard silver “rising sun” buttons. Pocket bags are blue and white stripes.

Denimio and Samurai had planned to release a “Europe Edition” made of 15 oz Otokogi denim (I believe it was in the S511 cut). However, this was canceled due to insufficient pre-orders.

New Stuff for Fall/Winter 2020

This is not meant to be exhaustive but, in addition to the aforementioned S634GX-II, I wanted to highlight some of Samurai’s upcoming releases. See Samurai's AW 2020 Catalog for details.

S510XX25oz-HJ – High-rise, straight leg jean in Samurai’s limited edition 25 oz denim. Special edition pocket bags (really cool artwork) and patch. Fully lined back pockets with hidden arcs, made of the same pocket bag material. These also feature light blue arcs and black pine tree buttons.

S500AX – Slim-straight cut, mid-rise. This is a new 18 oz denim that is dyed with a mixture of natural and synthetic indigo. Tonal arcs, silver buttons, and proprietary patch and pocket bags.

S520XX21oz – Relaxed tapered cut, “generous rise”, in the Cho-kiwami denim. This appears to be a new cut, though I could be wrong. Features the hidden arcs and silver “sunrise” buttons.

Where Can I Buy Samurai Jeans?

As of this writing, Denimio is probably the international retailer with the largest inventory of Samurai gear. Okayama Denim also has a substantial inventory.

If you’re in the U.S., Denimio and OD are likely your best options for price (especially with the recent closure of Rakuten’s Global Market). They also hem, check sizing prior to shipping upon request, and have reasonable return/refund policies.
Non-Japanese retailers include:

Check the shipping and (especially) return/refund details of each retailer before purchasing.
Samurai Jeans also has an online store with international shipping, but the prices seem to be quite high. Noticeably higher than at the U.S.-based retailers. Still, they have a nice selection, and if you really want something that isn’t in stock elsewhere…
There may be others that I'm unaware of.

References and Sites of Interest

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2020.03.13 21:11 prowler760 Megathread on Race Postponements and Cancellations amid the COVID-19 outbreak

This post serves as a megathread to gather the information and list postponed and cancelled events and other notable occurrences amongst feeder series amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Individual posts are still allowed since this threads only serves to aggregate information about the various postponements and cancellations that might occur.
FIA Formula 2
28/02 - Christian Lundgaard misses F2 test due to coronavirus quarantine 13/03 - Round 1 in Bahrain postponed. 19/03 - The rounds in May have been postponed 23/03 - The F2 round in Baku have been postponed 02/06 - Revised calendar announced opening 8 rounds
FIA Formula 3
13/03 - Round 1 in Bahrain postponed. 19/03 - The rounds in May have been postponed 02/06 - Revised calendar announced opening 8 rounds
Super Formula
18/03 - Opening two rounds postponed 31/03 - Round three at Autopolis postponed 07/04 - Season finale now a double header 24/04 - Round 4 at SUGO now postponed 10/06 - Revised calendar revealed
Super Formula Lights
18/03 - Opening two rounds postponed 31/03 - Autopolis rounds postponed as well 24/04 - Round 4 at SUGO now postponed 10/06 - Calendar has been revised
Australian S5000
13/03 - Round 1 of the Australian S5000 Championship will not go ahead 18/03 - Round 2 at SMSP as been postponed 08/04 - Winton round scheduled in May postponed 26/05 - Revised calendar anounced
Road to Indy
13/03 - All events through April postponed. 26/03 - Indy GP round postponed to July 2-3, Freedom 100 to August 21, and Freedom 90/75 to August 22 16/05 - Toronto round postponed 21/05 - Toronto cancelled, Road America delayed 01/06 - Indy Lights on hiatus until 2021 01/06 - Revised calendar for IP2000 and USF2000
Formula Renault Eurocup
02/03 - Caio Collet and Hadrien David is also quarantined with Lundgaard 09/03 - Season opener at Monza cancelled, replaced by Hockenheim later in the season. 13/03 - Pre-season test at Barcelona cancelled as Spanish authorities close the circuit. 24/03 - Silverstone round suspended. 15/05 - Revised 2020 calendar announced
Formula Regional European Championship
19/03 - Opening round postponed to August 08/04 - The Monza and Imola rounds in May have been postponed 20/05 - Revised calendar announced 03/06 - Season opener delayed two weeks until 23-26 July 11/06 - Calendar has been updated
W Series
17/03 - Pre-season testing at Circuit de Valencia in early May cancelled 25/03 - First three rounds set to be postponed 04/06 - 2020 season cancelled, plans already in place for 2021 season
Formula Regional Japan
17/06 - Season opener delayed till August (Japanese)
Euroformula Open
13/03 - Paul Ricard winter test postponed. 19/03 - Paul Ricard round postponed 07/04 - Spa and Barcelona rounds rescheduled 17/04 - Hockenheim round affected by extension of ban on events in Germany 21/05 - Revised calendar revealed 03/06 - Season opener delayed two weeks until 23-26 July 10/06 - Season opener delayed until 06-09/08, Enna Pergusa round falls of the calendar
Pau Grand Prix
17/03 - Event has been postponed
BRDC British F3
17/03 - Season opener at Oulton Park postponed 24/03 - All events until 30th June suspended 14/05 - Revised 2020 calendar announced 11/06 - Updated calendar
SCCA Pro Racing
13/03 - The Formula Regional Americas and F4 USA season opener postponed, Season to start in June 16/04 - Formula Regional Americas Round at Trois-Rivières as been cancelled 30/04 - Austin round in June cancelled 29/05 - Revised calendar announced for both FR Americas and F4 USA
Formula Pro USA Western Championship
Second round tentatively rescheduled to August
Australian F3
27/03 - Season suspended
Argentinian FR2.0
14/03 - Start of season has been delayed 30/03 - Round 2 postponed
FIA F4 Argentina
13/03 - Season opener postponed 08/04 - Further rounds cancelled
FIA F4 British
17/03 - Opening three rounds have been postponed. 24/03 - All events until 30th June suspended 27/04 - A new provisional 9 round calendar is released 01/06 - Change of layouts for the Brands Hatch rounds, GP loop in August and Indy loop in November
FIA F4 China
04/06 - Updated Calendar 22/06 - First round postponed
FIA F4 French
11/03 - Season opening event postponed to July 08/04 - First event potentially delayed until July 22/04 - Revised calendar announced
FIA F4 German
16/03 - Season opener at Oschersleben postponed until October 08/04 - Nürburgring 24h supporting event delayed until September 10/04 - Revised calendar, first round in August
FIA F4 Italian
08/04 - The Monza and Imola rounds in May have been postponed 20/05 - Revised calendar announced 03/06 - Season opener delayed two weeks until 23-26 July 11/06 - Calendar has been updated
FIA F4 Japanese
18/03 - Season opening event at Okayama have been postponed 30/03 - Round 2 and 3 also postponed 06/04 - Revised calendar
17/03 - Round in Monterrey postponed
FIA F4 Spain
08/04 - The Navarra round in early May postponed 01/06 - New promoter and calendar 04/06 - Updated Calendar
Danish F4
09/05 - First two rounds cancelled 05/05 - Revised calendar announced
Formula Academy Finland
28/05 - Season won't start until August
FIA Motorsport Games
21/04 - Second edition postponed to 2021
BRSCC National FF1600
17/03 - Season opening event at Silverstone postponed. 24/03 - All events until 30th June suspended 22/05 - Revised and shortened calendar announced
Scottish FF1600
17/03 - Opening two rounds postponed. 24/03 - All events until 30th June suspended 11/06 - Updated calendar
Australian Formula Ford
17/03 - Winton round cancelled 17/04 - Both rounds in May cancelled, rounds 4 & 5 suspended until further notice
Formula Race Promotions
17/03 - Season opener postponed 18/05 - May round at Barber gets resheduled
NZ Formula First
17/03 - Final round at Hampton Downs postponed
FIA Karting
18/03 - Start of the season has been delayed until May 03/04 - Sarno round postponed from 14-17 May to 20-23 August 15/04 - OK and OKJ World Championship event in Brazil have been postponed to 2021 16/04 - Wackersdorf and Genk European Championship rounds postponed, KZ WC postponed by 3 weeks, 2020 OK & OKJ World Championship event moved to Portimao 04/06 - The Kristianstad round of the European Championship has been cancelled
08/03 - The 3rd and 4th round of the Super Master Series gets postponed 12/03 - A revised but unconfirmed calendar gets released 06/04 - Round 3 and 4 of the Super Master Series have been postponed 23/05 - Calendar to tentatively resume in early July 19/06 - New calendar released
IAME Euroseries
13/03 - Season opener at Mariemburg postponed 16/03 - Updated Calendar
British Kart Championships
16/03 - Start of season postponed to 1 May. 24/03 - All events until 30th June suspended 05/06 - Revised IAME calendar announced
ADAC Kart Masters
17/03 - Season opener postponed 18/05 - Two further rounds have been rescheduled
Deutsche Kart Meisterschaft
18/03 - Round 1 postponed to October 20/05 - New calendar announced
Advice for the public from the World Health Organization is found here.
For more information about the virus you can visit WHO.int, /Coronavirus, or /Covid19.
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2020.02.21 18:05 Soulofjazzman Welcome Home! :)

Welcome Home! :)

Welcome Home

Never have I been more surprised in what a gaming laptop can perform as a desktop replacement than when I booted up my Alienware Area51m for the first tie yesterday. Delivered to my home a full week in advance of its suggested arrival date. I am a Software Developer, 3D Animator, and Web Designer. In the past it has always been a difficult experience in jumping back and forth between 3 computers in order to deliver on my tasks efficiently. Whether it's writing code on my mid-2015 Macbook Pro laptop, gaming on my custom built desktop PC, or using my wife's Alienware m14x if i'm on the go.

The Wait

Over the past 10 years, I have patiently waited for Alienware to release a gaming laptop that was completely upgradable, since I'm an enthusiast and I prefer gaming with the best experience for me. When the Alienware Area51m was announced, I could not be more happy with its specs, advanced engineering in cooling on the CPU/GPU. More importantly, to be able to freely upgrade the CPU AND GPU.
I spent several weeks watching usecommercial reviews on youtube and scrubbed through forums to get random people's personal opinion on the product. I later weighed the pros/cons, then took the plunge and ordered one to condense the footprint of the amount of hardware and software that I have had to tediously maintain ($$$).

But. But. But. Alienware Is overpriced!

This is not my first experience as an owner of an Alienware laptop or desktop. I have purchased two Alienware m14x laptops and an Alienware Aurora (2004) desktop over the past 15 years. The quality and most of all experience of using these machines have personally exceeded my experiences in using its competitors or building my own from the ground up. Speaking on building from the ground up, for those enthusiast that are reading this, sure building from the ground up is cheaper and may warrant you self satisfaction on every component/software installed on your machine. However, having a 'prebuilt' machine provides warranty/services that comes included from the start. Sure, I'll know everything there is to know about the machine in 6-12 months, but it's a nice safety net to know that if something breaks or burns out that I am covered. That it's simply a phone call or online form to fill out. I don't need to drive somewhere, scurry to find old receipts, or convince a store clerk that I 'deserve' a replacement/repair. To put it simple. It's a piece of mind.
Alienware has always strived to provide affordable, leading technical hardware, and ambitious style for gaming enthusiasts. I'm 37 and I have watched Alienware mold into what it is today since 1996. From being a self contained company, being bought out by Dell, and reading about its founders leaving to launch Origin PC as a competitor. However, the Alienware brand still stays strong and relevant in the gaming community. There is a reason why people stop and stare when they see one in person or when people rant in forums to compare opinions. Owning an Alienware is a personal choice for me. It checks off all of my boxes in what I want in a on the go gaming experience, but has the power of a desktop, and the looks of a kick @$$ machine that I'm proud to stare at. That's my dream come true and I'm glad it finally happened when the Area 51m was shown at CES in 2019. Cheers!

The More 'Important' Specs:

  • Lunar Light Alienware Area51m Why? I never had a white laptop. Time for something new! :)
  • 17.3" FHD (1920X1080) 144Hz, IPS, NVIDIA G-SYNC, Eyesafe(R) Display Tech + Tobii Eye Tracking Why? The only hardware spec that I could not simply upgrade in the future. So, I made sure to get the best that was offered. Also, G-SYNC and 144Hz framerate is important to me because the most games I play are FPS (Rainbow Six: Siege, Overwatch)
  • 9th Generation Intel Core i7-9700K (8=Core, 12MB Cache, up to 4.9GHz w/ Turbo Boost) Why? I currently have a i7 5500 running in my desktop. It ran just fine with all of the game out today. So, I had no need to jump to i9 (just yet).
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX(TM) 2070 8GB GDDR6 (OC Ready) Why? This came down to my build budget. I wanted a substantial laptop build with a $$$ cap of $3000. Getting the 2070 fit the budget.
  • 16GB RAM Why? I went with the base RAM that was offered because the RAM will obviously be swapped out with a leading brand in the future. Also, 16GB Ram was plenty in my desktop rig, so I didn't expect a lesser performance.
  • 256 PCIe SSD (35), 1TB Samsung Hybrid HDD (then, removed to install personal 1TB Crucial SSD) Why? Same reason as the RAM. Initially went with the base model because I plan to swap out the storage drives with leading brands. As mentioned, I've already swapped out the hybrid HDD with a Crucial SSD before turning the laptop on for the first time.
Surprisingly, opening up the machine is pretty basic and labelled thoroughly. I really like that they labelled which screw should be used on the chassis for easier reassembly. Kuddos to the design team for that.

Additional Accessories:

  • Mobile Edge Alienware Area 51m 17.3 Gear Bag Laptop Carrying Case Why? In case if I'm on the go. Also, it';s nice to stay on brand or in style with the exclusive laptop brand I've invested in.
  • Alienware 610M Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse - Lunar Light Why? Same reason as the bag. To stay on brand and in style of the Area51 style. However, I do wish they had the Alienware RGB Gaming Mouse AW510M in Lunar Light because of more side buttons for the thumb. I would have ordered that instead. I do play MMOS, such as Final Fantasy XIV after all.

Future Accessories:

  • Alienware S5000 Gaming Chair Why? First, I'm in dire need of a new chair. Second, I've always wanted a 'gaming chair'. Third, I like the Alienware branding/style of the chair. The Lunar White look would look nice with the laptop.
  • New Alienware 7.1 Gaming Headset AW510H - Lunar White Why? I like the lunar white branding style. It will compliment the laptop. Also, 7.1 sound is leaps beyond just stereo.

Come Game with Me!

  • Games Typically Played: Rainbow Six: Siege, Overwatch, Final Fantasy XIV, Warframe, Hearthstone, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, StarCraft II, The Devision II
  • Discord: egivensjr#1100
  • Battle.net: Eddie#1426
  • uPlay: Soulofjazzman
  • Stadia: Soulofjazzman
  • XBOX Live: Soulofjazzman
  • PSN: Soulofjazzman

The New Setup

First time opening

Checking out the components the first time and to swap out the base storage

The carrying bag to handle this beast on the go! Much bigger than I expected. PLENTY of room to carry the computer and accessories.
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2019.11.30 20:09 suppu111 Sony X950g and HT-S5000issues

Hi, I just purchased an 85”Sony x950g along with a Sony HT-S5000 soundbasubwoofer.
I’ve been having a few issues since purchased and can’t find answers anywhere:
  1. Picture settings. I have turned the motion settings off (cinemotion) but it randomly turns itself back on at times, wasn’t sure why. I think it may be because each tv input has individualized settings, but have not yet confirmed. Anyone else notice this? Also, I have made sure to turn off retail mode settings and demo mode and everything has latest software updates.
  2. Dolby vision pass through. I have an Apple TV 4K that I tried connecting directly to soundbar, and soundbar has EARC connection to tv. However when I did this Dolby vision won’t work, screen just goes black for 30 seconds then back to HD. Apple TV works fine when connected directly to TV though. Again, everything is up to date and all HDMI settings are set to enhanced on both tv and soundbar.
  3. Any way to get it so I only need one remote? The Apple TV remote won’t turn off the tv all the time, only intermittently. The Sony tv remote can control the Apple TV but won’t turn it off. The best solution I came up with so far is just using the Sony remote and the Apple TV will turn off by itself after 15min of inactivity. CEC is turned on too.
  4. Volume. When I use the TV remote for sound, both the tv volume display and soundbar display shows volume increasing. I’m pretty sure only sound from soundbar is coming out, is there anyway to turn off the tv volume display? Not a big thing, just annoying.
Other than these issues this tv has been great! Great colors and brightness, and quick settings for adjustments is huge. I haven’t really noticed a huge benefit from Dolby atoms yet but the sound coming out is impressive.
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S5000 earns prestigious Gold Star award for 2020 and ...

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Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Is it wrong that I confronted a 47 year old man dating my 22 year old daughter?? - (r/AITA) by Sir Reddit. ... (Verifi S5000) by LockPickingLawyer. 2:29 [Beat Saber] Cheeki Breeki Hardbass (EXPERT+) Drivers competing in the VHT Australian S5000 Championship will be vying to win the renowned Motorsport Australia Gold Star in 2020 and beyond. ... Dating back to 1957, the Gold Star is steeped in ... In this video I will show you how we can Upgrade android to 9.0 for free and play games that requires high android version. Link for Root Explorer is- https:... Jordan Peterson Destroys Entire Panel on Transgender Pronouns If you have any complaint against my channel please send me an email to the email provided belo... Nikki is tired of standing like a centaur and yelling at baristas to attract men. More CONAN @ http://teamcoco.com/video Team Coco is the official YouTube ch... A day in the life working in Tokyo Japan as a Delivery Worker at Sagawa Express, one of the largest transportation companies in Japan. This is what a typical... And they say Formula One is unexciting. Footage is owned by: Formula One Group, Network Ten, BBC Sport, Sky News and Power Sports International. Footage was ...